Types of Snapchat Ads

Types of Snapchat Ads

Snapchat advertisement is a service provided to you by the Saudi support site, given its great importance in increasing the number of followers of your account, and getting more purchases of the product you offer; Where we provide you with many features that make it appear to users with the best design, while adhering to all the conditions for its submission. Learn with us now about the types of ads we offer you, and the duration of their display.

Types of snapchat ads

The Saudi support site offers you the service of creating ads for your Snapchat account; It supports the creation of all ads provided by the application, which are:

Single image or video ads

It is by displaying a video clip, or an image of the content that you provide, that appears after other people's stories, and this includes the presence of a button to access the source of the displayed content, so that followers can reach you easily.

We are working on designing your ad of this type in a distinctive and more attractive way by adding creative expressions, GIF clips and other distinctive features. The duration of the ad is three minutes if using images, and five minutes if it is videos.


We design and implement different filters to display your product, or your content, within the conversations in the application, to appear to the largest number of people.


This type is similar to filter advertising, but differs from the use of animation in the presentation.

the story

This type provides access to the largest number of followers by appearing among the stories published in the Discover list of the Snapchat application.

Product Catalog

This type is best for you if you own a specific business; It provides you with customized formats to display your product in an organized manner, for easy access to users.

Commercial ads

It is of the best kind; It allows you to reach a lot of users without being able to skip it, and its duration can be up to three minutes.

Snapchat Ads Prices

The importance of advertising the content that you provide through your account on Snapchat, or the product that you provide, is the ability to increase the number of your followers, and get a large fan base that provides you with wide fame, and will then enable you to profit from the application, so there are many sites That promotes the service of providing paid advertisements at different prices.

Through the Saudi support site, we offer you the best prices to create your Snapchat ad, the content and the product you provide, and we guarantee that it will reach many users, and the appropriate age groups for you, with the duration of the advertisement being fixed for a good period compared to the price.

Ad time on Snapchat

Through the Saudi support site, we provide you with the ability to design all the different types of ads that appear on the Snapchat application, which appear after users' stories, or while roaming between them. The duration of the Snapchat ad varies according to its type, and its duration ranges from 3 to 10 seconds.

We also allow you to create commercials, up to 10 minutes in length, displaying your home page link if it's advertising personal content on your Page, or a product page access link you're viewing on social media platforms.

Terms of business ads on Snapchat

There are a set of conditions that must be met in the Snapchat ad, so that you can get what you want from it, now know the most important of them:

  • Your product or content must be real.
  • Adhere to the terms of the application and all its policies.
  • The advertisement must be appropriate to the target group.
  • Determine the method of communication with the owner of the product or content.
  • Advertisement must not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other product or person.
  • Does not contain promotion of cigarette and tobacco products.
  • It does not contain scenes of nudity or sexual overtones.

If you want to get a full advertisement that meets the conditions, you will find this through our site, which is working to create a distinctive advertisement for you, to reach your content to thousands of users of the Snapchat application.

Snapchat ad features

There are many features that the Snapchat application provides you with, when you display your product advertisement through it, and these features appear in:

  • Reach your brand to the largest number of people.
  • Increase followers of your account.
  • Good marketing for the products you offer.
  • Quick access to target groups.

The ability to attach a special link to the page of the product or application that you are viewing, so that it is easy for followers to access it quickly by clicking on the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I authenticate my Snapchat account like a celebrity?

Among the conditions that you must fulfill to verify your account on Snapchat:

  • Confirm your identity with your email, phone number, and real name.
  • You must have a large number of followers, and the number of viewers for your story should not be less than 50,000 thousand viewers, and you can achieve this through our website as we have shown you.
  • Then go to the technical support of the application and communicate with them, to request the authentication of your account.

How do I earn from Snap?

The Snapchat application provides you with many ways that enable you to get money through it, and these methods include:

  • Create content: You must have meaningful personal content that you provide to your followers on a daily basis, whether this content is art, sports, cooking, games and others.
  • Advertising: It is one of the most effective ways to provide you with a large profit, by communicating with institutions and commercial companies that sell famous products, and adding an advertisement to them through your account.
  • Filter design: Create your own high-quality filter through the features provided by the application, and display it through Freelancer sites to get a financial return.
  • Sell ​​your account on Snapchat: Create your own account, provide many different content, get the necessary support to increase the number of followers, and offer the account for sale.

How to make an advertisement in Snap?

In order to be able to create an ad on the Snapchat application, you must first have an account on the Snapchat Ads Manager, and to get that you can follow the following steps:

  • Log in to Ads Manager with your Snap account data, from the link here.
  • Select the type of work you provide.
  • Click Create Ad.
  • Fill in the information required of you.
  • Select the type of country your ad is targeting.
  • Type your email, phone number, and choose a payment method from the available methods.

In this article, we have provided you with the types of Snapchat ads that Saudi support provides you with, the duration of its display, the most important conditions that must be met during its design, and the most prominent advantages it provides to you.